What is Cambrian

Cambrian’s idea of a modular security layer was inspired by Eigenlayer’s success in the Ethereum ecosystem. However, despite the ideological similarity, the architecture of the solution is fundamentally different due to the different nature of the Solana blockchain from Ethereum:

  1. Completely different stack: it is impossible to make compatible EVM and SVM applications. Though there is a solution to run EVM bytecode on top of SVM (see Neon’s implementation for details), it does not allow you to use the full capabilities of the Solana blockchain.

  2. Solana uses parallel processing in contrast to consecutive Ethereum’s execution, which makes the transaction lifecycle quite different. These differences should be taken into account when designing consensus and slashing mechanisms in different AVS use cases.

  3. Different block building mechanics require different approaches to providing and validating data.

  4. Solana offers a vertical approach with a high TPS, in contrast to the rollup-centric model of Ethereum. As a result, completely different use cases are relevant (for example, those focused on HFT trading infrastructure).

It is also worth noting the benefit that the entire Solana ecosystem receives from the presence of a modular security layer: dApps leverage trust from consensus layer to construct services for their end users. The equation is simple: simplification of bootstrapping security leads to more innovations for the ecosystem overall, more innovation leads to more users, which in turn builds more trust.

Cambrian creates a novel market for decentralized trust based on the existing Solana consensus turning the capital used for network security into an asset that can be used for other modular networks and middlewares. The model incorporates a restaking mechanism, offering enhanced fee-generating opportunities for both validators and SOL holders. This approach aims to improve features and security of the networks and enrich engagement and financial incentives within the Solana chain.

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