Idea behind the PoolManager is that we hold userโ€™s funds (both SOL and SPL tokens) inside the system on a special account, which is also used for getting staking rewards. Each user/token pair has a unique account for holding funds.

We try to limit Cambrian from exposure to risky assets that could disrupt stability and so there is a separate Mint Validator contract โ€” a whitelisting contract that will allow or disallow certain tokens from being put into the system. In the future we may have those on a per-user basis, but for now it is common for all users.

And TokenManager as part of PoolManager is used to deposit and withdraw free funds into userโ€™s accounts. Since those funds are not staked they can be withdrawn immediately. All the staking rewards also go to this account so they can be staked or withdrawn later on.

When a user deposits funds into Cambrian, PoolManager mint them our token (LRT) cSOL, which will later be burned at the moment when user withdraws restaking assets.

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