Staking manager is responsible for staking, withdrawing and slashing users funds. It uses AVS slashers if needed. AVS also decides if the workers' stake should be slashed and marks them so.

Stakers put their stake into worker’s corresponding accounts, separate one for each token accepted. We surely do remember how many stake which user did put into the account for withdrawal purposes. For now all tokens have the same withdrawal timeout, but probably we should do it per token.

If a worker (node) is marked as slashed, funds in its accounts can be burned. Worker is then evicted from the system or reduce his income. For more information about the slashing process, see the Slashing section.

The difference with PoolManager is that PoolManager is responsible for whitelisting assets, minting and burning cSOL, depositing and withdrawing free funds, while StakingManager is directly responsible for asset staking and slashing.

Note: cSOL is not an LRT or LST, and it is implemented in such a way that it will not be traded anywhere. The cSOL is a wrapped SOL that is needed to enable the SOL to function as an SPL token within Cambrian to interact with Solana Accounts and Programm.

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