The WorkerManager manages enrolment and exit of workers for the network. Also it manages their accounts, which, much like user’s accounts, are unique for each pair of worker/token (or worker/SOL). Workers are the operators of the individual nodes that make up the AVS to run Middleware.

Workers are units that carry on computations needed by AVS. To operate it needs stake β€” this can be either the operator's own funds, which it restakes directly, and assets from other users entrusted to it (delegated). Workers can not manage those funds, they are there as a token of trust from users. If a worker behaves maliciously (e.g. submits bad data or fails his covenant in any other way) thos funds get slashed, partially or fully, depending on severity of the failure.

Of course workers can not exit WorkerManager immediately, they should finish all their work and wait for all their stake to be returned, and only after that they can exit the network (AVS). As this process is quite delicate and requires a careful approach - we work through and model different options to choose the best one.

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